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Allow Us To Take Finding Your Next Home

Off Your To-Do List

(even from overseas)


Christina and Dee want to be your eyes and ears on the ground!  You already know what you want (and what you do NOT want) in your next home.

Ready to start the home-buying process?

Let's Start House Hunting

To get started right away with Christina and Dee, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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We get it, sometimes your next duty station is not on the same coast or even in the same country! You have enough to worry about during PCS season.


You've already spent countless hours searching and adding to your favorites list and you are ready to begin taking the next steps to becoming homeowners!!!


Now you need an expert Realtor, or two, who will assist you through this entire process from pre-approval to closing. 


You want to feel confident they’re keeping your interest in mind while finding you the most house for your budget in the neighborhoods you love.


It is important for Realtors® to be knowledgeable of the neighborhoods you are interested and avoid any surprises, like moving into a high fire zone or finding out after the fact about the busted pipes.


One thing is for sure, you want a team behind you that is able to help you make it to the signing table! This is a huge amount of money to invest in your family, working with experts who have your interests at heart is crucial.  

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