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3 Things to Remember When Staging

Dee and Christina, of Team C and D, are here to help you when you are ready to sell your home.

Written by Danielle "Dee" Butler, Realtor®

Dee and Christina are here to help you when you are ready to sell your home.

We love being able to walk through your home to provide you with feedback a few months prior to listing your home. This provides us the opportunity to help make suggestions on ways to help increase the value of the home before we put it on the market.

There are quite a few things you are able to do to your home prior to reaching out to have us do a walk through.

Some of these items include updating your kitchen and bathrooms. There are few items such as changing out the bathroom vanities, updating the lighting fixtures, and mirrors. In the kitchen the cupboards can be professionally painted or changed out to new ones, update the hardware on the cabinets, upgrade the appliances, lighting, countertops.

3 Things to Remember When Staging:

  1. Remove Personal Items

You will want to un-personalize your home as much as possible. This means taking down all family photos, kids artwork, sometimes your own artwork, and other items that may be taste specific. We will help with creating a theme to pull your home together for marketing. You do not need to worry about spending anything to stage your home. Team C and D provide that as part of our service! One last thing that should be removed will be any and all pets for professional photos, showings and Open Houses. This will include their ADU (Additional dwelling unit- aka dog/cat bed, cage, food bowls…)

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2. Add Plants

Having plants in a house makes it feel like a home. Adding something alive to your living space, either flowers or greenery makes the are feel more inviting. It is best to use live plants and there are apps available now for those of us with black thumbs. The best are the ones that live in water. This way you know when it is time to "water them".

If you must use fake plants, due to a very black thumb, please make sure they are new, dust and gunk free, and are as realistic as possible.

The best places to add in plants are the

1. Entryway- First impressions, adds warmth to the space. (Maybe an Orchid)

2. Dining Room Table- Match it to the size of the table and the colors in the room to bring the whole thing together.

3. Living Room- Empty corners are great for tall plants. Bookshelves, floating shelves and coffee tables are great for smaller plants and flower arrangements.

4. Bathroom- On the counter or hanging shelf (small greenery with a color pop bottom or Flowers)

5. Bedroom- On the end table (Snake Plants, Jasmine, Pothos, Spider Plants, Succulents)

Just remember to keep it simple.

3. Less is More

Declutter your home of all the little extras. Clear off all your counters in the kitchen and bathroom, remove most of the things hanging on your walls, box up excessive books, games, toys, and clothes and put them in the garage or storage area. “Why do real estate agents want you to not have anything on the countertops when staging a home?” Great question! This is to help the buyers looking at your home to more easily picture their items in your home

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