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Christina and Dee were recognized as Women of Distinction in San Diego woman

Team C & D Women of Distinction
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Christina Gonzalez, Realtor® and Danielle "Dee" Butler, Realtor®

Helping Military Families Find Their Dream Homes

By Judith A. Habert


"Teamwork isn't just a concept when it comes to

Danielle "Dee" Butler and Christina Gonzalez.

They are the C & D in Team C & D Realtors.

Together they work to make the dream of homeownership



"So how did these two women from

different parts of the country and

different backgrounds end up becoming

partners in their real estate business?"


When it comes to deciding whether or not it is time to purchase a home, we listen, we focus on the success of our client, and we value relationships over revenue!

(760) 689-2256

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